My adventure into creating a shirt!


(A picture of the design)

My teacher, Mrs. Lugo, had recommended that I should change the way the calf looked. She said “It looks like he has a tumor”. She also recommended that I should fix the person on the  right’s hand to make it look like he is actually holding the drum sticks.

I traced two pictures, one of Tyler Joseph, and one of Josh Dun with the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator.

I learned how to use and create this with Adobe Illustrator.

At first, I was thinking about making a duck, because I like ducks and my nickname is also Ducky. Then, I changed my mind to making a chibi character of me in a duck suit. Yet, I still wasn’t satisfied with the outcome. So I came up with another idea, but more of something that I’m in LOVE with. I chose to do Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots. I was actually sure that I wanted to do this. Then I finished Tyler, and I thought I was done. I was thinking that the shirt looked plain, so then I looked through the internet to find a picture of Josh Dun, who is the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. I traced a picture of Josh Dun, and I didn’t like the way that looked. I changed the picture of Josh Dun again, and now I found the right picture. Then, now I used to make this shirt design real. I added the picture on the the hoodie, and then on the back I used the bands name, and numbers to add a finishing touch to it all.


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